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If you want the browser to open PDF files in a separate Acrobat window, in Internet Explorer (or whatever browser you are using), the browser opens the PDF. PDF files may be viewed on a large array of devices and Internet browsers, however, the steps in saving them are not the same. These general. PDF documents can be opened directly in Internet Explorer by clicking on a PDF link. However, in a business environment it is beneficial to open a PDF in Adobe Reader or Acrobat to take advantage of features that are not available in the Adobe PDF Reader add-on for Internet.

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How To Internet Pdf Files

Internet Explorer Users: Right-click the link to the PDF file, and then click "Save Target As" from the sub-menu. The File Download dialog box opens, and a. How to download PDF documents from this website: When Adobe Reader is open, go to File, then to Open, then to where you saved the. By default, PDF files opened from a web page display inside the Select the Internet category from the list on the left; To display the PDF in the.

PDF files look like the original document would look if it were printed, and can be read on just about any computer platform and environment using a free reader. PDF files can be secured and digitally signed and might even be smaller in size than a source document. Download and Install Adobe Reader 1. Choose "Run" when Internet Explorer asks you if you want to run or save the download. Select "Yes" if you are prompted to allow Adobe Reader to make changes to the computer. Pick the option you prefer for allowing Adobe Reader to install updates. For example, select "Install Updates Automatically Recommended. Select "Help" and then "Product Help" from the menu on the Adobe website. Choose "Acrobat" to navigate to the Acrobat help section. Launch Internet Explorer 8 or later. Select "Tools" and "Manage Add-ons" from the menu. Choose "Toolbars and Extensions" from the Tools menu. Select "All Add-ons" from the Show menu. Toggle the setting between "Enable" and "Disable" and choose the option you most prefer. Select "Close" to save your settings.

Converting web pages to PDF

Older versions had this at the bottom of the page when you mouse over somewhere near the bottom. Modified April 11, at 7: Thanks that's great, it works. But why cant you 'save as' a pdf file?? It still seems funny that you cant 'save as' a pdf doc.

I have changed it to open and read in Adobe Reader, which is what I think it used to do. Thanks so much. It still seems funny that you cant 'save as' a pdf within Firefox. If the answer has solved your problem, then mark the question as "Solved".

This way you will help others in a similar situation. Thank you all Tools 2. Options 3. Applications 4. Click OK You should now be able to open PDF file in Firefox and hover over the bottom of the document to view gray transparent toolbar.

Click on the Save a copy icon to save to your computer.

New York State Universal header

Home Support Forum Firefox when I open a pdf the save is always as Support Forum. This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. In the Options window, select the Applications tab. In the Search field, type PDF. On the right handside you should find an Action column. Use that to select your favorite PDF reader.

Support Forum

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How do I open a PDF in Acrobat instead of the browser?

You can use the navigation bar on the left to view each page in your PDF at a time. Click to upload PDF.

The file s you uploaded is greater than 2MB, this can take longer to upload. Please be patient.

Your files stay private. Here's how to view a PDF file online in 3 easy steps: Download file Get 3 Free downloads of your file.

Ready to view PDF files? The easiest way to view PDF files online.

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