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Print and download in PDF or MIDI O Isis und Osiris. From Mozart's Magic Flute. Sarastro's aria from the opera "The Magic Flute" Piano Accompaniment sheet music. Customers Who Bought O Isis und Osiris Also Bought. The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote, K. ) is an opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to a German libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder. The work is in the.

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O Isis Und Osiris Download

14 O Isis und Osiris - 15 Bewahret euch vor Weibertuecken - 16 Wie? wie? wie? - 17 Alles Fuehlt der Liebe Freunden - Die Zauberflöte: O Isis und Osiris (Mozart)27 cm Odeon Matrix Nr. xV 76Wilhelm HESCH - Bass (& Piano)recorded in Vienna Announced by the singer: DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. download 1 file · FLAC download. O Isis und Osiris by W. A. Mozart. Written for Brass choir with a duration of 2 mins. Purchase, download and print sheet music PDF file now!.

The casting of the roles relies on the actual vocal range of the part. These singers perform with an orchestra consisting of two flutes one doubling on piccolo , two oboes, two clarinets doubling basset horns , two bassoons, two horns, two trumpets, three trombones alto, tenor, and bass , timpani and strings. The work also requires a four-part chorus for several numbers notably the finales of each act. Zu Hilfe! He faints, and three ladies, attendants of the Queen of the Night, appear and kill the serpent.

Finale, Tamino: Die Weisheitslehre dieser Knaben 9. Finale, Tamino: Wie stark ist nicht dein Zauberton 10a.

Finale, Monostatos: Nur geschwinde! Finale, Chorus of Slaves: das klinget so herrlich 11a.

Finale, Chorus: Es lebe Sarastro, Sarastro lebe! Finale, Pamina: Herr, ich bin zwar Verbrecherin 11c. March of the Priests; 1b. Dialogue, Sarastro: Ihr, in dem Weisheitstempel 2a. Dialogue, Tamino: Eine schreckliche Nacht!

O Isis und Osiris on Behance

Dialogue, Papageno: He Lichter her! Quintett, 3 Ladies, Tamino, Papageno: Wie? Sarastro, however, punishes Monostatos for his lustful behaviour toward Pamina, and sends him away.

Act 2 Scene 1: A grove of palms The council of priests of Isis and Osiris, headed by Sarastro, enters to the sound of a solemn march. Sarastro tells the priests that Tamino is ready to undergo the ordeals that will lead to enlightenment. Scene 2: The courtyard of the Temple of Ordeal Tamino and Papageno are led in by two priests for the first trial. The three ladies appear and tempt Tamino and Papageno to speak.

Seeing that Tamino will not speak to them, the ladies withdraw in confusion. Scene 3: A garden, Pamina asleep Pamina is asleep. Monostatos approaches and gazes upon her with rapture. She gives Pamina a dagger, ordering her to kill Sarastro with it and threatening to disown her if she does not. She leaves. Scene 4: A hall in the Temple of Ordeal Tamino and Papageno are led in by priests, who remind them that they must remain silent.

Papageno complains of thirst. An old woman enters and offers Papageno a cup of water.

He drinks and teasingly asks whether she has a boyfriend. She replies that she does and that his name is Papageno.

Alexandria Digital Research Library

She disappears as Papageno asks for her name, and the three child-spirits bring in food, the magic flute, and the bells, sent from Sarastro. Tamino begins to play the flute, which summons Pamina. She tries to speak with him, but Tamino, bound by his vow of silence, cannot answer her, and Pamina begins to believe that he no longer loves her.

Pamina is brought in and Sarastro instructs Pamina and Tamino to bid each other farewell before the greater trials ahead. The priests grant his request for a glass of wine and he expresses his desire for a wife.


The elderly woman reappears and warns him that unless he immediately promises to marry her, he will be imprisoned forever. When Papageno promises to love her faithfully muttering that he will only do this until something better comes along , she is transformed into the young and pretty Papagena.

Papageno rushes to embrace her, but the priests drive him back, telling him that he is not yet worthy of her.

Mozart - Die Zauberflöte - O Isis und Osiris.pdf

Scene 6: A garden Tamino and Pamina undergo their final trial; watercolor by Max Slevogt — The three child-spirits hail the dawn. They observe Pamina, who is contemplating suicide because she believes Tamino has abandoned her.

Scene change without interrupting the music, to Scene 7: Outside the Temple of Ordeal Two men in armor lead in Tamino. Tamino declares that he is ready to be tested. Pamina calls to him from offstage. The men in armour assure him that the trial by silence is over and he is free to speak with her. Pamina enters and declares her intention to undergo the remaining trials with him.

Protected by the music of the magic flute, they pass unscathed through chambers of fire and water. Offstage, the priests hail their triumph and invite the couple to enter the temple. O Isis und Osiris, which is ranked as the best known works of W.

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O Isis und Osiris--Voice Solo and Piano

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