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Yuki Cross has no memory of her past prior to the moment she was saved from a vampire attack ten years ago. She was adopted by the headmaster of Cross. Yuuki's earliest memory is of a stormy night in winter, where she was attacked by a vampire And then rescued by another. Now 10 years later, Cross Yuu. Vampire Knight, Vol. 1 book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Yuki Cross has no memory of her past prior to the moment.

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Vampire Knight Book

Find the complete Vampire Knight book series by Matsuri Hino & Ayuna Fujisaki. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders. Vampire Knight, Vol. 1 by Matsuri Hino, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Vampire Knight, Vol. 1. Book #1 · Vampire Knight, Vol. 2. Book #2 · Vampire Knight, Vol. 3. Book #3 · Vampire Knight, Vol. 4. Book #4 · Vampire Knight, Vol. 5.

Vampire Knight Series. Yuuki's earliest memory is of a stormy night in winter, where she was attacked by a vampire And then rescued by another. Now 10 years later, Cross Yuuki, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, has grown up and become a guardian of the vampire race, protecting her childhood crush, Kaname, from discovery as he leads a group of v… More. Book 1. Vampire Knight, Vol.

She tells Shoto that since Kurans are the only Purebloods able to wield hunter weapons, she will personally end the lives of any Pureblood who wishes to die. Yuki leaves, and Kaien walks out of the curtains. He and Isaya were apparently friends for over fifty years. At the Dahlia Academy Girls School, Sara goes on a tour with Ichijo, and ends up turning a group of human girls into her vampire servants.

Zero and Kaito go to investigate, but Sara insists that Zero cannot do anything to her because she turned them consensually. Back at the Kuran mansion, Kaname sits on a coffin while talking to Rido, who barely managed to survive.

Kaname asks Rido why he sacrificed Haruka and Juri's baby, who was also named Kaname like him. It is licensed for English release in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment, which released fifteen volumes. The final volume was released in English on October 14, by Viz Media.

Since the manga's conclusion, Hino began releasing a series of special chapters, which take place after the end of the final volume. The Lala issue also announced that a volume compiling the special chapters will be released in June Studio Deen produced a twenty-six episode anime adaptation of the Vampire Knight manga , using many of the same voice actors featured on the drama CDs, written by Mari Okada , and directed by Kiyoko Sayama.

The episodes started airing on TV Tokyo in Japan on April 7, , and ran until the season conclusion on June 30, The second season, named Vampire Knight Guilty , premiered on the same station October 6, The series uses four pieces of theme music. The soundtrack is composed by Takefumi Haketa and consists of 30 tracks including the opening theme and ending theme. Vampire Knight was made available for streaming on Hulu [11] and Netflix.

Three light novels created by Matsuri Hino and Ayuna Fujisaki were published in Japan by Hakusensha in the first two novels and the third , respectively.

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The novels feature side-stories that use the characters of the manga, but are not specifically based on chapters from the series. The second novel, Vampire Knight: The third novel, Vampire Knight: Flail no Yume , was released in , featuring side-stories about Rido Kuran, Sara Shirabuki, and Yuki's and Zero's activities during the timeskip.

The third novel is the only novel thus far to have been licensed by Viz Media and released in North America. Two drama CDs have been released for Vampire Knight. In addition to providing additional information about the series characters and story, it includes images and details from Hino's storyboard. A page Matsuri Hino Illustrations Vampire Knight was released on July 5, , the artwork included one original double page spread created for the Artbook and a compilation of previously released Vampire Knight color artworks.

A live-action musical adaptation was announced and staged at the Hakuhinkan Theater in Tokyo from January 21 to the 25th, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with Vampire Night.

Madman Entertainment. Manga Entertainment. See also: List of Vampire Knight characters. Main article: List of Vampire Knight chapters.

Vampire Knight, Vol. 9

List of Vampire Knight episodes. Dread Central. Retrieved Anime News Network. Kaname openly suspects Zero, and Yuki shouts at him, saying that she won't talk to him again until he admits that Zero is innocent.

Kaname discovers the culprit, while Zero has a vision of himself accidentally killing Yuki. Yuki asks him what's wrong, and he, rejoiced that she was still alive, leans in to kiss her, but backs away. October 5, [21]. June 11, [22] March 10, [23].

Vampire Knight, Vol. 18

Zero stops the kiss, saying that he had a bad dream. But Yuki had already figured out what he was trying to do, and she avoided him all day.

She and her best friend Yori go shopping, and they are interrupted by a little boy, who asks Yuki to help him find his mother. She helps the little boy, and he leads her to an abandoned building.

She sees that he has different colored eyes, one blue eye and one red eye, and he drains her energy. The Night Class discovers her unconscious, and takes her to safety. Ichijo explains that the abandoned building was being used for Vampire Banquet, hosted by Aido's father. Curious, she sneaks out, and sees all of the vampire parents introducing their daughters to Kaname.

A female vampire, one of the last remaining Purebloods named Sara Shirabuki, tells them to leave Kaname alone, and she and Kaname talk. Yuki gets jealous and runs back into the room, where she starts to cry. Kaname comes in and asks her if she wants to become a vampire, and she says yes. But he claims that he didn't mean it, and takes her back home. During the long vacation, Yuki tries to find out her past, and goes with Zero and the headmaster to the Vampire Hunter Society.

They find a book, but as soon as she turns to page containing the information she is looking for, the page sets itself on fire. Aido asks Kaname about his parents, and Kaname says that they were murdered. Back in Yuki's room, Yuki feels guilty about always dragging Zero into her problems and he bites her.

When Yuki notices he is drinking more than usual, she tells him to stop and when he doesn't, she pushes him away. He then reveals that Yuki is the reason he is alive and he doesn't mind being dragged into her problems because he always drinks her blood even though that is a sin. She then cries in his arms for the rest of the night. At the same time, Shiki is taken to the Vampire Senate, where he meets the little boy with the different coloured eyes.

The little boy collapses, and Shiki's father rises out of a pool of blood. It ends with the mysterious man asking Shiki to lend him his body. April 5, [24]. October 10, [25] August 4, [26].

After the vacation ends, Yuki asks Kaname to tell her about her past, but he evades her questioning, and confesses his love for her. Zero, wanting to get some answers himself, goes to the Moon Dormitory and confronts Kaname. The two fight, and Zero ends up drinking Kaname's blood. In the meantime, Ichiru comes to the academy, ushered in by the Vampire Senate itself. Yuki asks Kaname once more about her past, and he says that he will tell her if she becomes his lover as in girlfriend.

The Night Class follows Yuuki around to protect her, and she has a picnic with Kaname. She demands, one last time, to know about her past, and she begins to have flashbacks. Overcome, she collapses.

Vampire Knight Book Series:

Ichijo and Shiki return to the academy, and they immediately confront Kaname. The man possessing Shiki confirms that he is really Kaname's uncle, Rido Kuran, and that he has come to take Yuki.

Kaname tells Rido that he will never touch Yuki, and flees. Yuki wakes up and has a frightening hallucination, and she attacks Zero, who says that she can do whatever she wants to him because she is the victim, not him. She shoves him away, and cries. Kaname climbs in through her window, and takes her away. It ends with Kaname sinking his fangs into Yuki's neck. October 10, [27]. February 10, [28] November 3, [29]. Kaname turns Yuki into a vampire pure blood vampire ,her true self since juri mother sealed her vampiric powers , and Zero interrupts.

He points his gun at Kaname in an angry rage, and prepares to shoot. But Yuki protects Kaname, declaring that he is her brother. She faints, and Kaname tells Zero that he would be happier if he was born as Yuki's real brother. He takes Yuki to the Moon Dormitory, and leaves Aido and Kain to take care of her while she goes through her transformation to go back to true pure blood vampire her true self.

In the meantime, Rima Toya confronts Rido, and they have a battle. Rido critically injures Rima, but she manages to ward him out of Shiki's body. Yuki wakes up and smells Rima's blood, scared at first that the scent of blood was Zero's. He points his gun at the door and rejects her. Kaname goes to Rido's coffin, and opens it with Ichiru's help. He stabs a sword through his hand and Rido's body, giving Rido the blood he needs to regenerate.

Ichiru asks why Kaname can't personally kill Rido, and Kaname reveals that he is actually the ancient ancestor of Kuran. November 5, [30]. August 10, [31] February 2, [32]. Zero is imprisoned as Rido begins to revive slowly, and his army of Level E vampires approach the academy. Ichiru, fatally wounded, shoots Zero, and it is revealed that Ichiru was on Zero's side all along, and that he was plotting to kill Rido, the one who made Shizuka Hio murder their parents.

Ichiru tells Zero to eat him to become stronger, and he reluctantly does. Kaname approaches Yuki and tells her that it is time to flee, but she refuses. She kisses him and tells him that she will be fine, so he leaves while she grabs her Artemis rod, which transforms into a giant scythe. Aido battles against the Level E vampires, and he sees Rido, who hypnotizes him to sacrifice himself to become Rido's food.

Yuki jumps in and saves him, unaffected by Rido's controlling powers, being a Pureblood herself. She begins to battle her Uncle Rido, and Zero comes in, having developed a new power to control the metallic vines of Bloody Rose which has attached to his body.

They both battle while Kaname goes to the Vampire Senate, and forces them all to brutally kill themselves by ripping off their heads. The battle with Rido ends as Yuki stabs him in the heart during a moment of weakness, and Zero blows him into tiny little fragments. Kaname goes to kill Ichio, but Ichijo steps in, wanting to kill Ichio himself.

She tells him that she can not die yet, and raises her scythe, ready to fight. June 5, [33]. December 10, [34] June 1, [35].

Zero contemplates his relationship with Yuki and eventually tells her that he wouldn't have minded if she had killed him. She notifies her parents, who informs the rest of vampire society. At the academy, the headmaster battles the Vampire Hunters and kills the Association President.

He is then arrested. At the fallen Senate building,Sara Shirabuki arrives to find an unconscious Takuma Ichijo, and she apprehends him to find out more about Kaname. Meanwhile, Kaname arrives back at the academy and gets into a fight with Zero, but Yuki stops it before Kaname could deliver the final blow to Zero.

Kaname leaves them alone for a few minutes, and Zero kisses Yuki. They then go down their own separate paths, with Zero vowing to kill Yuki the next time they meet. Yuki reunites with Kaname and they both leave the Academy together, the both of them spotting Zero carrying Ichiru's body on their way. Kain remembers some of his past experiences with Kaname and wonders to himself if the day when he'll walk down his own path will ever come. December 4, [36].

February 24, [37] December 7, [38]. Ichijo wakes up and finds himself in the care of Sara Shirabuki, who saved his life after he tried sacrificing himself to kill Ichio.

She asks him to tell her all he knows about Kaname, and she tears at his flesh when he refuses. Meanwhile, Yuki returns to the Kuran mansion with Kaname, and he admits all of his past wrongdoings to her. He tries to push her away, but she asks for him to taint her as well. They kiss and Kaname bites her.