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  2. Kooky Creeps, A Set of Papercraft Halloween Masks Featuring Four Unique Characters
  3. Bonus: Papercraft Skull Mask: 5 Steps (with Pictures)
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This papercraft is a life size Ultraman Tiga Mask for Cosplay, from the Ultraman franchise, the paper model is created by Gankutsu-O-Taku. You can download. DIY fun and easy make your own Halloween Mask template mask. Halloween LowPoly Papercraft Mask Step 1: Download the Pdf. PaperCraft Template. Papercraft Low Poly Wolf Mask: I made a low poly wolf mask out of paper and After unfolding, You have to export the paper model, preferably in file (I.

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Mask Papercraft Pdf

Bonus: Papercraft Skull Mask: Turning my Papercraft Skull into a mask was So here it is:My Papercraft Skull-Mask! Print out the PDF, it's 3 A4 Pages. Papercraft panda mask printable DIY template by WastePaperHead Panda 3d, . DIY printable Animal Mask, Instant Pdf download, Animal Paper Craft Mask. Make Skull Mask,3D mask,Face,PDF,Pattern masks,Polygon DIY Paper Mask, Papercraft,Template,Printable Skull,Halloween,Skeleton,Gift,Party,Head.

Turning my Papercraft Skull into a mask was something that was pretty obvious. So here it is: My Papercraft Skull-Mask! Or both, or All the parts have score-lines that have to be folded either up or down. The skull is built inside out, so that you won't see the print on the outside. So most lines have to be folded up.

Be very precise with the edges without any flaps. But when it comes to flaps, I like to add some area, to make it easier to connect the pieces later.


I use stick glue to join all the pieces together. Blender marks them to make it easier to find them, but I like to use the 3D model to do this.

Fox Mask Papercraft PDF DIY Paper Craft She-fox Low Poly Paper Fox Head Tod Mask ET-92995S04-1367

When You finish gluing all the pieces together, it should look like this. Do not worry if it got covered in glue.

You will probably want to paint over it. If so, i recommend acrylic paint.

Kooky Creeps, A Set of Papercraft Halloween Masks Featuring Four Unique Characters

Question 5 months ago on Step 5. How does the numbers work's? I i understand that the first one is the island, but the second, how does it say in which part i should glue. Reply 2 years ago. I believe that the numbers on the flaps are first - the number of the island You need to find, and second - the number of the spot You need to connect the two pieces at.

Bonus: Papercraft Skull Mask: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

You probably should have an open pdf file while doing this. Honestly, this is to difficult for me, so I never use them. I just treat it as a big 3D puzzle. Try to find two pieces that fit, compare it to the 3D model, and than glue them together.

It doesn't take such a long time. Good luck: Reply 10 months ago.

I think it will make it easier to know where it its together Thanks the whole thing looks quite easy but where they eyes are quite confusing and i cant get to them. I dont know what i have done wrong because i've used blender alot but the file you have attached isnt the wolf or it might just be a problem for me: It's hard to say exactly, becasue I just added some changes to my earlier 3D model of a fox mask.

The first one took me about hours to make. But when You already have one ready, it's a lot easier to just tweak it a little bit. This way a fox becomes a wolf. A wolf can maybe become a cat, and so on.

To make your own, You will need: I use a dull knife and a ruler, to trace all the edges. It makes it easier to fold them later.

Batman Mask

Prepare part 1 before add part 9 and Continue by attaching nose cavity part 20 from inside the nose hole and then glue the forehead part 4. Glue the eye sockets from inside the mask part 2 and 3. Patch the cheek with part 7 and 8 and then continue by attaching part 5 and 6. The last part for this phase is part 17 and Glue part 11 to form the snout in the correct shape. Glue the side teeth part 12 on the bottom of part 11 and then form the lower jaw with part 16,19,21 and 22 and then glue to the teeth part to make skull complete.

Add canine teeth part 14 and the rest of front teeth 13 and Add cushion pads just like the picture above. I use 1cm thick EVA foam for cushion pads. Use plastic sheets for part 25 and then make holes for rubber band and finally glue it inside the cheek bones, i use hot glue for extra strength.

You can make holes on the skull's white eyes for your eyes to see through, but I prefer to leave the skull's eye untouched and made holes on the eye sockets just above the eye, just make sure the holes are in the black colored area, so it wont visible when you wear the mask. Julius Perdana [a. Despite a background in architecture, he began his career as a graphic designer for a printing company in Having co-founded two small graphic design companies he now fully works as a papercraft artist and an online publisher.